Diesel vs. Gas Trucks: Which is Right for You?

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Many of our Visalia truck drivers ask about diesel vs gas truck pros and cons and we’re here to help! We compiled an easy-to-read comparison so you can assess the information and decide which type of truck will best fit your Tulare lifestyle. Contact us if you have any additional questions.



Diesel vs. Gas Trucks Pros and Cons

Benefits of a Diesel Truck

  • Fuel Economy – As gas prices are increasing, fuel economy might be top of mind when considering a new truck. Diesel trucks are generally more efficient for a variety of reasons regarding their design and manufacturing. The reduction of pit stops is worth the extra cost.

  • Torque & Towing – If you’re looking to tow heavy items consistently, then diesel is the way to go. They are known to generate significantly more torque than gas powered trucks. Diesel trucks are recommended if you plan to use it for heavy workloads or transport. 

  • Longevity – Anecdotal and scientific evidence suggests that diesel engines have considerably better longevity when compared to gas trucks. This is partly because they use a simpler construction and stronger engine blocks. A well-maintained diesel engine can power your travels for more than 500,000 miles.

Benefits of a Gas Truck

  • Acceleration & Horsepower – While diesel engines have better torque, gas trucks offer more horsepower and acceleration. Gas-powered trucks are generally better at getting up to speed and passing other cars.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Gas trucks are more common, so parts are typically in stock and repairs are easier. With this in mind, these trucks have lower maintenance costs. 

  • More Fueling Station Options – Whenever you need to fill your tank, you can have comfort in the fact that there are gas stations all around the country. Diesel fuel isn’t always readily available. 

Technical Comparison: Gas & Diesel Engines

There’s a reason why there’s such a stark difference comparing diesel vs gas trucks. We included a few technical details about both engine types below: 

  • Both gas and diesel engines are internal combustion engines, meaning the fuel is turned into energy inside the engine itself. 

  • Gas trucks tend to compress air and fuel at a ratio of roughly 10:1. Diesel trucks compress their own air/fuel mixture at a rate between 15:1 and 25:1. The result is a much hotter cylinder. This means diesel fuel is self-igniting and often does not require a spark plug.

  • The efficiency of any engine is determined partially by the difference between its maximum hot and cold temperatures. Higher compression ratios allow for a smaller min-max temperature difference, which can help the diesel engine have greater fuel economy.

Experience Diesel vs. Gas Truck in Person at Porterville Ford Today!

Now that you know all about the diesel vs gas trucks pros and cons, it’s time to experience them for yourself! If you want to know more about how each engine works, reach out to our service department and talk to our experts. Check out our truck inventory online and get ready to take on Porterville roads!


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