Can You Put Premium Gas In Any Car?

Row of gas pumps

Many Visalia and Tulare drivers have questions when they visit the gas station. Can you put premium gas in any car or will it cause problems? What type of gas does my car take anyway? While just about any car can use premium or regular gas without an issue, you might find that one formulation suits your needs much better than the other. Find out everything that you need to know about different gasoline formulations, and get more service tips with Porterville Ford.



What Makes Premium Gas “Premium”?

When you drop by a gas station in Delano, you’ll notice numbers by the pump handles. Regular gasoline is labeled as 87, while premium is around 91. These numbers are called the “octane ratings” and they signify how heat-resistant the gas is.

Lower octane ratings are less heat-resistant, and they work well in most engines with a standard compression ratio. Higher octane ratings are designed to resist heat even more, which is a benefit for turbocharged and supercharged engines with a high compression ratio. The high degree of heat resistance can prevent early fuel ignition, also called “engine knocks” or “pre ignition”.

Premium Gas FAQs

  • Can You Put Premium Gas in Any Car?You can safely put premium gas in any car without any risk of damage, but not every vehicle needs premium.
  • What Kind of Gas Does My Car Take?Your owner’s manual will tell you what the manufacturer recommends. Turbocharged and supercharged engines usually require premium, while most other engines can use regular instead.
  • What Happens If I Use Premium Instead of Regular? Luxury and performance cars can get better performance and efficiency by using a premium formula, but most other vehicles don’t see any additional benefits – just a higher gas bill.

Learn More With Porterville Ford

Ready for your next oil change in Porterville? Still have questions about premium vs. regular gasoline? No matter your automotive needs, we’re happy to help you at Porterville Ford! Schedule your next service online or contact us with your questions.


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