Where To Find The Best Chinese Food Near Porterville, CA

Looking For Chinese Food In Porterville, CA?

Those that have visited or live in Porterville, CA know that it is one of California's best-kept secrets. Located in the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, Porterville provides a perfect basecamp for exploring so many of nature's great wonders. The old-time charm intermingles with the exciting vibrance of the downtown area to create a unique balance that is hard to find. When it's time to eat there's a thriving international food scene. Here is some of the best Chinese food in the area.

Asia Garden Chinese Restaurant

This mainstay has been in business for over 30 years and continues to delight its loyal clientele. Consistency is key when it comes to great food, and that's what you can expect when you dine at Asia Garden. Whether you opt for a familiar favorite like teriyaki chicken, orange chicken, or chow mein, or are more of a crispy duck and dumplings person, you'll always receive the same great taste here.

China Café

This mom-and-pop shop has the locals singing its praises and lining up for the lunch special. With care and quality that you just don't find in a chain restaurant, China Café delivers consistent excellence in both food and service. Start with the delicious fried wontons before moving on to one of their great combo platters that are perfect for sharing. Wash it all down with a cold Tsingtao beer. Just be sure not to drive after consuming alcohol.

Mei Wah Chinese Restaurant

A classic diamond in the rough, Mei Wah is the kind of hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint that we've all come to know and love. Who wants Panda Express when you can experience the charm and deliciousness of a true family-run business? The pork chow mein is excellent here if you're into noodles (and who isn't). They make their own chili oil here that provides a fiery zing to many of the dishes. The portions are generous, and the prices are on point.

Chinese Food Factory

This is a great place to grab an Asian bite if you're on the go. They have a great selection of teas and cold beverages to go with the regular Chinese fast-food staples. You can't go wrong with the classics like beef broccoli, chow mein, or egg rolls. The service is fast and friendly making it a nice place for a quick lunch. Be sure to grab a boba tea for the road.

New China Restaurant

Who doesn't love a good Chinese buffet? New China is a great place to go if you're looking to break a four-day fast, or if you're just really hungry. It's got all the staples that come part and parcel with a Chinese buffet. If you're not in the mood for a buffet, they have a fantastic fried crab dinner to satisfy your seafood needs. Finish off your meal with their self-serve ice cream machine.

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