For years, people have relied on Ford to give them a top SUV, truck or car. On the used vehicle market, Ford is one of the most popular brands. That's due to Ford's incredible affordability across its entire model line. Here are four top reasons why used Fords are incredibly affordable.

More vehicle for your money

When you look at what each used Ford offers, you see that you get more vehicle for your money. From standard features to power, Fords are packed to give you more. All of these features come without a big boost in price. In fact, if you were to compare any Ford vehicle with another comparable used model, you'll often find that the Ford vehicle is more affordable. Overall, when you buy a used Ford, you often spend less and get more.

Inexpensive to maintain and repair

When looking at affordability, you can't just consider the price of the vehicle. You also have to consider the total cost of ownership. This is where used Ford vehicles really shine. That's because just about all Ford cars, trucks and SUVs are inexpensive to maintain and repair. You can often find genuine OEM Ford parts at a low price. This allows you to easily maintain a used Ford. That gives you a longer-lasting, better quality used vehicle.

Built tough

All Ford vehicles are built to last. From its trucks to its SUVs and cars, you will find that Ford vehicles can easily last over 100,000 miles with the proper maintenance. That's due to the vehicle's tough construction, high-quality engine parts, and advanced engineering.

Many models available

Finally, there are simply many Ford models produced every year. That allows you to have your pick of whatever used Ford that you want. Because of this abundant supply, you can find the Ford that you want at an affordable price. From used Ford Mustangs to used Ford Explorers, you will never be short on options.

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