Three Reasons to Buy or Lease Your Ford in Porterville, CA

When it comes to buying or leasing a new Ford Explorer, there's no right or wrong answer. The decision focuses on you. What are the limits of your budget? How much can you afford for monthly payments? Do you want to permanently own or temporarily drive your next car? All these questions play into which type of auto financing you should select. At Porterville Ford, serving Delano, one of our finance experts will match you to the ideal lease or loan solution for your Ford F-150.

Ford Leases and Auto Loans Near Lindsay

Have you already picked out the new Ford model that you'd like to take home to nearby Lindsay or Tulare? If so, it's time to finalize your decision about leasing or buying it at Porterville Ford - less than 30 minutes outside Exeter. To make it a clear-cut decision, we've highlighted three reasons to lease your new Ford Mustang. We also did the same for buying this Ford sports car in Porterville, CA.

Three Reasons to Lease a New Ford

  1. You'll experience the latest inventions in Ford amenities - from entertaining in-cabin technology to protection-promoting driver-assist features.
  2. You'll pay less each month during your Ford lease because you won't pay off the entire value of your vehicle - only the depreciation during your contract.
  3. You'll avoid the commitment of trading in or selling your Ford when you're ready for a different model. All you do is return your leased Ford to Porterville.

Three Reasons to Buy a New Ford

  1. You'll spend more during your monthly loan payments. However, once you completed your payments, you'll become the sole owner of your Ford.
  2. You'll have the chance to build up years of savings and equity in your Ford while you own it near Tulare. These savings can help with your next vehicle.
  3. You'll avoid facing restrictions on annual mileage, vehicle customization, or wear-and-tear damages like you'd have if you leased a new Ford.

Which type of financing do you think you'd appreciate more? Whether buying or leasing your new Ford Escape, the next step will be the same: applying for credit through our secure application. File yours online through Porterville Ford today.

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