Quality and capability -- these are two of the strongest factors that guide truck shoppers in the Porterville area. Whether you're seeking a model that can work hard, play hard, or something that blends a bit of both; you'll discover that our lineup of new Ford Super Duty trucks will offer the performance, capabilities, and reputable heritage of quality you're seeking from your heavy-duty truck.

What are Ford Super Duty Trucks?

Ford has deemed its heavy-duty truck lineup with the "Super Duty" badge (and it suits the trucks well). The Ford Super Duty truck lineup starts with the F-250 and tops out with the immense F-650 commercial-grade vehicle. These models boast a vast range of capabilities and engine options delivered in both gasoline- and diesel-driven configurations. One thing all Ford Super Duty trucks share however are their unrivaled towing and hauling capabilities. Whether you're looking for something more on the commercial side, or are simply hunting for a vehicle capable of moving your camper van around the San Joaquin Valley -- Ford Super Duty trucks won't let you down.

Are Ford Super Duty Trucks Safe?

Yes; the automaker has gone to great lengths to ensure that you and your passengers are well-protected when riding in the model. There are a range of available safety and driver-assistive features that are designed to help promote safe towing and hauling of your cargo and equipment. The featured Ford CoPilot 360 safety suite sports features like a blind-spot monitoring system, lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning, and more to help act as a buffer and shield from other traffic and potential collisions on the Delano and Tulare roadways.

Is the Ford Super Duty Truck Lineup Diverse?

There are plenty of trim models to select from with Ford Super Duty trucks. Whether you're looking for a stripped-back work truck that focuses on performance and longevity in the field of durability or you're more interested in enjoying the latest luxuries and high-tech gadgets available in the industry -- the Ford Super Duty truck model lineup offers something for every Lindsay and Exeter shopper.

Take a moment to explore our Ford Super Duty truck options online before contacting one of our tenured sales professionals over the phone to schedule a test drive in the truck that's caught your eye.

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