Having a reliable vehicle you can count on to take you where you need to go safely is always important, and one of the best ways to make sure your vehicle is ready to serve you well is with routine maintenance and service. Whether you're an essential worker who still needs to get to your job every day, or you're staying a little closer to home, the service center at Porterville Ford is always there for you to provide the service and care you need.

You already know that regularly scheduled service appointments, such as oil changes, can help keep your engine running well for a long time, and you most likely already realize you can trust our expert service center for routine and occasional service needs.

But you may not realize that we're also here for you in a pinch. Even when our showroom is closed, our service center technicians are ready to serve, and our website is always open for you to email and schedule an appointment online.

Hit a curb and need a new tire? You can count on us for emergency maintenance like this, and much more. We can inspect and service your brakes, your battery, and other important maintenance tasks you may not see coming until they become emergent.

Our service technicians are trained and certified on all Ford models, too, which means we're always your best choice when it comes to professional automotive care. Plus, we only work with genuine Ford parts, or parts that are recommended by Ford, so you know your vehicle is only getting exactly what it needs when you work with us.

The Porterville Ford service center is open weekly Monday through Friday and we look forward to helping you with your routine service and emergency repairs.

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