The 2018 Ford Transit Connect small van ably fills the gap between large vans and passenger wagons. This roomy yet compact vehicle brings a raft of useful self-diagnostic features to the table in addition to its expansive dimensions.

The 2018 Transit Connect self-diagnostic system puts updated and robust information about the vehicle and your driving habits right at your fingertips. Vehicle-centric information includes regular reports on overall motor condition, special alerts about any malfunctions, and customizable dashboards that cater to your unique tastes.

Your personal driving habits are also monitored and reported by the Transit diagnostic system. Vital information about your seatbelt use, acceleration levels, and brake use can help you to adopt safer overall driving habits.

Here at Porterville Ford, we feel that driving a vehicle is a good way to get a true feel for performance. To that end, we are happy to offer free test drives of 2018 Ford Transit Connects. To claim your no-obligation test drive, come by our showroom today.



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