When you are driving perfectly straight it makes sense that your car's tires would all be turning at the exact same speed. Obviously, if they weren’t you would notice all sorts of screeching and excessive wear. But have you ever thought if this were the case while turning? In fact, it isn’t, when your vehicle turns it needs the wheels to turn at different speeds. We can help repair and service your car’s differential system at Porterville Ford if you start to notice this isn’t happening.

The amount of torque or power your car generates will always be the same overall, it is how that power is transferred to each wheel that affects its speed, and that is the differentials job. It works by having a series of gears that are engaged depending on which way the vehicle is turning. Because these gears are different sizes than the main gear, they result in different rates of rotation.

Grinding and poor handling are all signs of a differential system in need of repair if you notice any of these symptoms bring your vehicle into our Porterville, CA showroom for service as soon as possible.

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