It is the Christmas season again, and everyone is putting up their nativities, filling their stockings, and getting ready for seasonal trips. Before you join the hustle-and-bustle of holiday traffic, make sure you have made your pre-road trip checklist. Here are some tips to help you start in the Porterville, CA area.

  • Schedule a Car Checkup: You need to be sure your automobile is road-ready. Come to Porterville Ford and we will make it happen.
  • Know Your Destination’s Route: Whether you use a map or electronic device, know the route to your destination. Using a portable GPS system is the most recommended course of action: it cannot only help you determine a route but also help you monitor traffic conditions and avoid holiday congestions.
  • Bring Snacks and Entertainment: Having entertainment and snacks can help prevent fatigue, hunger, and irritation from both you and your passengers.
  • Drive Safely: Though you might be in a hurry, your ultimate goal is to get to your destination safely. Drive with care.

For more advice before your road trip, stop in and learn from our staff at 701 N. Main Street!

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