Are you confused about whether you need all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive? The answer comes from the way you use the vehicle. If you are an avid outdoors dweller, or if you live or work on dirt roads, the best solution for you is to use four-wheel drive. Here is why many trucks and sports utility vehicles are built with four-wheel drive:

  • Four-wheel drive uses two differentials, which operate each axle with different speeds according to the detected need for additional traction. This can be very useful while driving on unpaved roads, icy or wet roads, and unlevel terrain.
  • All-wheel drive is normally built into cars, crossover SUVs, and high-performance cars. The difference is that all four wheels receive the same level of power and speed continuously.

Both all-wheel and four-wheel drive is beneficial for acceleration on slippery surfaces. The next time you’re in Porterville, CA, come by our showroom at Porterville Fordand test drive the vehicle that suits your needs!

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