The New Ford SYNC 3

The New voice-activated SYNC 3 contains an optional, simplified navigational system that provides high-performance connectivity. For safety, some of the features may be locked when the vehicle is in gear. Also, some message and data rates may be applicable. This system is highly advanced, and it provides consumers with automatic safety features. Its home-screen is easy-to-read, and it displays phone and audio features. Its new navigational screen provides convenient swipe-to-pinch zoom features. Smartphones contain similar features to the SYNC 3.


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Ford F-150: The Big Truck For Everyone Who Has Big Tasks

When you want to do big things on the road such as hauling boats, pulling RVs and trailers, or just about any other heavy lifting, the Ford F-150 is the truck you'll love. Ford has constantly updated its vehicles for both performance and appearance, so when you buy an F-150 in Porterville, CA, you'll have quite an attractive vehicle to drive. But what makes the F-150 even more special?


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